The Science of Life - Ayurveda Immersion

“The Four Pillars of Health”


Live free from symptoms of illness and realize your fullest, most vibrant, healthiest potential.


Live the Vibrant Life that you’ve been





Are you ready to achieve your fullest potential of health and vitality in life, relationships, work, passions and on the path of Yoga and wellness?
Have you learned about Ayurveda and are curious what lies beyond ‘kitchadi’, tongue scraping, or the importance of a regular sleep schedule?


Is it important that your studies in Ayurveda be based on a holistic, integrative, and practical approach that can be applied both professionally and personally?



If so, we have something special for you…

In this immersion program you will be guided through ‘four pillars’ that sustain vibrant, healthy living:

  • Each pillar works together holistically to expand how you experience yourself, your health, and life around you.
  • Your eyes will open to new possibilities on how to approach day-to-day living.
  • Space to live a full life will be created and the symptoms of ‘illness’ reduced.

You will flourish in all aspects of your life - health, relationships, vocation, practices, and passions.

 Whether you are new to Ayurveda, have dabbled in it, or are already studying the beautiful ‘science of life’, this program will expand your breadth and depth of understanding into a strong foundation of Ayurvedic living

And bring into practical focus the keys for personal health and your ongoing evolution on the path of Ayurveda, including deeper studies and professional growth. 

The Four Pillars of Health delves into the three main components of diet, sleep, and energy management (in particular, sexual energy). And, an additional essential component, lifestyle.  Together these four ‘pillars’ are the basis of living the vibrant life that we all seek - and they form the foundation upon which to help others do the same.

In this program you will:

  • Ground in the origins and key principles of Ayurveda that will be your guides to build your ability to have proactive health and greater access to your inner wisdom and truth
  • Understand the disease process so that you have a clearer idea of how you can step out of the cycle of symptoms
  • Explore how to optimize digestion through what and how you eat to reduce distracting symptoms and increase health - including how adjusting your diet by season can radically change your strength, immunity, and vitality all year round
  • Integrate balancing rhythms that will improve clarity and emotional ease
  • Learn to care for your sense organs daily so they stay strong, clear, and acute 
  • Learn to manage your energy throughout your day so you’re empowered to own your space and live your truth
  • Enhance your sleep and sleep patterns to restore the health of your body, mind, organs and body systems
  • Harmonize your mind, emotions and attitude through principles of conduct and approaches to difficult life situations as taught in Ayurveda - an essential but often overlooked aspect 

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Kelsey Brusnyk

Teacher of Ayurveda & Yoga

Ayurveda health counselor


For over a decade, Kelsey has conducted, supported, and taught at innumerable trainings including yoga teacher trainings, Ayurvedic chef trainings, and Ayurvedic treatment trainings in Hawaii, India, and New Zealand. Kelsey is an Ayurvedic chef, treatment therapist and has developed and facilitated many programs including introductory to advanced Ayurveda trainings, 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher trainings, and more. She has mentored many students through their professional Ayurveda studies and provides ongoing mentorship for counselors, teachers and practitioners. She currently works with clients to create holistic health and balanced living through her offerings at Illumine Ayurveda and Yoga, providing the teachings of Ayurveda and sustainable yoga privately, in groups, and at various 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher trainings, and is Ayurveda faculty head and teacher at the Bindu Institute for Learning. Kelsey is a yogini whose extensive training and dedication to her practice and ongoing studies continue to expand the intuitive insight she shares. She is a perpetual student of life, and her authenticity, openness, understanding, enthusiasm and love of Ayurveda, Yoga and natural healing has inspired many to start, continue or deepen their paths to health, vitality, and living their inner truth


Amber H.

British Columbia, Canada


“A few months ago my migraines were almost constant – now they are a rare occurrence. As I continue, I notice an increase in my physical and mental health daily.”


Hira K.

London, U.K


“The biggest transformation for me so far has been my weight loss. I have been trying to lose excess weight over the last few years and it hasn’t budged. Just a few weeks helped make all the difference… even my husband was amazed at how quickly the weight dropped and how much lighter I looked! I also definitely feel better in my body and mind and all this is within a couple of weeks. it’s been truly amazing!”

Penny P.

California, USA


“I now have a schedule that works for my life that I'm sticking to, and I feel so much more calm, present and comfortable in my life - and through these transformations am a better mother, wife, friend, and business owner.”


In this program you will come to understand and appreciate how Ayurveda – the Science of LIFE! - touches every aspect of human existence in a comprehensive and complete, holistic way.  And - beyond what you have experienced or studied before in this field.