'A Path of Love'

a meditation immersion  
with Andrea Boni, Suzanne Faith Ph.D, and Prof. William K. Mahony Ph.D


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Explore meditation practice, teachings and contemplation in this life-affirming, inspiring and grounded immersion program

Rooted in Yoga philosophy and sutras, this immersion is for all levels of students and meditators, and anyone interested in deepening their spiritual learning. For those who had the auspicious good-fortune of attending the Mastermind Series with Andrea Boni and Sally Kempton – and loved it – this immersion program is for you.



‘A Path of Love’ meditation immersion will consist of both live and pre-recorded teaching sessions from internationally renowned Bindu faculty and special guest teachers.


Andrea Boni

Yoga and Meditation Teacher


Andrea Boni is a life-long, dedicated meditation practitioner who teaches poignantly, poetically, and with great love. He shares his wisdom and guidance in Yoga and meditation training immersions and workshops globally to students of all levels. Andrea is a visionary who received his master’s degree cum laude in Modern Literature and Performing Arts. He has worked in the film and television industry in close collaboration with luminaries such as Michelangelo Antonioni, Wim Wenders and George Lucas, and directed documentary films for RAI television and international NGOs.

Suzanne Faith, Ph.D

Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Educator and Therapist, and Senior Certified Anusara Instructor

Suzanne Faith is a longstanding meditation and hatha yoga teacher, mentor, and therapist. Suzanne’s teachings invite students to dissolve barriers and move through intelligent practices to restore and evolve on all levels. She is deeply passionate about exploring our internal capacities to heal and grow. Suzanne has spent over three decades deeply immersed in the teachings and methodologies of Yoga, psychology, meditation, contemplation, and energy healing. She is a lover of education and learning, and a teacher's-teacher. Suzanne has worked therapeutically and as an educator in conventional medical and schools systems, integrative health clinics and privately in the areas of addiction, cancer, professional sports, and childhood development.

Prof. William K. Mahony Ph.D

Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Professor and Author

Prof. William K. Mahony, PH.D. is loved in Yoga communities across the continents for his warm, lively, and compassionate teaching style that is accessible to all levels. Bill integrates a deep knowledge of Yoga philosophy with insights refined over nearly five decades of personal practice. Bill bases his teachings on important Sanskrit texts, primarily from the Vedānta, Tantra, and Bhakti traditions, that inspire contemporary yogis in their larger lives. He encourages participants to study in a contemplative manner and as presented in the teachings of the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gītā, the Yoga Sūtra, the Pratyabhijñā Hridaya, the Vijñāna Bhairava, Shiva Sūtra, Shrīmad Bhagavatam, the Bhakti Sūtra and many others.

Follow your heart and inner calling and it will always lead to the right path, teachers and teachings.

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Three different pathways for The 200hr TT:

Online - Prerecorded and Live sessions launches


April 25 2022





July 23 - Aug 18 2022

Two Different Module


Module One - Nov 19-Dec 3 2022
Module Two - Feb 8-19 2022