New Beginnings and Renewal

Learn to nourish body, mind, and heart


 11 take home workshops

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Create healthy lifestyle habits from our group of expert faculty from around the world.


Through those workshops, you will nourish your body, mind, and heart. 


  • Build flexibility and strength in the primary joints of the body
  • Learn how to enhance the flow of your prana and circulatory system
  • Dissolve stagnation and congestion in your body and mind
  • Learn how to build concentration and increase your capacity to focus your attention
  • Nourish your nervous system as a means to alleviate sleep, digestive and or immune disorders
  • Open your heart and purify all of your layers through various mantra and meditation practices
  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of your personal life circumstances and conditions through mythic storytelling and yoga philosophy discourse
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Module 1

An Introduction to Tantra with Sally Kempton

In this session, Sally discusses some of the core realizations of non-dual tantra, based on recognizing the sacred nature of yourself and the world.
The class culminates in a meditation on Shakti as the pervading energy of your body and the world.

Begin your day- Sun Salutes with Lauren Lee

Start your day with a boost of vitality and power from within! Sun Salutes bring new beginnings as they cleanse stagnant energy and create more space within the body, mind and heart. 

The Yoga teachings use Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutes) as a form of prayer, linking movement with breath as a way to express gratitude to the source of life on Earth. 

The dynamic movement brings heat and purification to the body physically and energetically, helping to release stagnant energy and awaken into a new beginning. 

The How's of Ayurvedic Eating with Kelsey Brusnyk

Ayurveda is ancient wisdom highly applicable for modern daily life. By learning to align with Nature, the natural functions of the human body, and what is natural for each of us uniquely, we can reduce symptoms, maintain great health, and increase longevity. One of the main ways to affect our health and as a result, our quality of life, is through the diet. Starting with the 'how's' of Ayurvedic eating will begin your path to vibrant health and immunity, and lay a foundation to truly thrive.

Module 2

The Four Gentle Abodes with Andrea Boni

In this practice Andrea guides us through the geography of the Inner Body with special reference to four of the inner abodes – the throat – the heart – the navel and the pelvis – where we are welcome with great delight.

Andrea’s guidance is renowned for his intimate touch both in sharing anecdotes from his personal life and in sensing the innate power that lies within all of us.

Empowering Pranayama with Lucy McCarthy

The ancient system of yoga offers the great gift of pranayama- a technique for extending and expanding our vital life force energy known as prana. 

Many of the ancient yogic texts refer to pranayama as a profoundly powerful and vital practice on the path of awakening. In fact, when Patanjali wrote the famous Yoga Sutras, one of the first scriptures that documented and systematized yoga, he posits pranayama as one of the fundamental 8 limbs of yoga.

Transform your relationships with Integral Anatomy: a discussion with Gil Hedly and Rachel Scott

In this discussion with Gil Hedley and Rachel Scott, learn about the power of viewing the body through the Integral Anatomy lens. Find out how Integral Anatomy is different from regional anatomy, and how it can transform and deepen our relationship with both ourselves and others.

A Journey to the Self, a yoga Nidra with Marc Holzman

A Journey to the Self

Enjoy a short introduction to Yoga Nidra followed by a delicious, grounding 20 minute Yoga Nidra Practice to nourish body, mind, and soul.

Module 3

Attune to the moon to empower your life with Vanina

In this video you will learn how to attune with the moon to empower your life. These teachings are geared toward women and men wanting to support women.

We live in a very linear world. Women had to adapt… at the cost of disconnecting from their cyclic nature. By aligning with the moon, they recognize their true essence and feel empowered.


Step into your powers, a new beginning is opening for you

Wellco Yoga Anatomy®️ - The Hidden and the Visible with Andrea Traldi

This short video introduces a few of the foundational parameters that will be explored during the Wellco Yoga Anatomy workshops proposed in collaboration with the Bindu Institute for Learning.

The theme of New Beginnings is approached through the idea of shedding skin and letting go (of the past), in order for something new to arrive.

This indirect mechanism to create something new touches upon the notions of what is visible, what is hidden, and how much of our actions are created in the visible, and how many of our actions are created in the hidden.


The Potency in the Pause with Alesha Cumpton

The Potency in the Pause 

 We see new beginnings all around us, every day. We have opportunities to begin anew, to refresh, or restart…. It’s a matter of attuning to them, and taking conscious action, otherwise, they simply slip by, as another unmet opportunity.  What we practice on the mat, is truly a practice for our life out in the world. It's in our interactions with our loved ones, our community, and it's an opportunity to become conscious leaders. 


In this practice, Alesha invites you to deepen your awareness to the space and the potency of the pause before a new beginning. This practice will gently warm up the body with a light Hatha flow before diving into restorative poses that in themselves refresh and renew the body by supporting our nervous, endocrine, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Summon Your Ganesha - The Lord of Yoga with Suzanne Faith

Summon Your Ganesha - The Lord of Yoga

Mythic storytelling is a powerful tool to help us navigate the conditions and circumstances of our life and humanity as a whole. Storytelling is an ancient modality used to heal hearts and to awaken one’s soul to their fullest potential.


Join Suzanne Faith for one of the most infamous Indian mythological stories of all time - the epic legend of Ganesha.  Ganesha is known to be an ancient but modern consciousness that we can learn to invoke in order to cultivate new beginnings within ourselves but also on this planet. Ganesha is the Lord of skill, intimacy, playfulness, collaboration and alliances. The Ganesha within you will open pathways and cross you into new thresholds. Someone who embodies an energy of Ganesha explores their full spectrum of character. Ganesha is known to be the remover of the stuck parts within ourselves.

You will receive (via email) access to these beautiful teachings around new beginnings and renewal from each of our expert faculty - that’s 11 practices for you to integrate and embody in your life!

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