Make, break, or reshape 2024 - YOUR year of positive change

A habit can be made or broken, and your life reshaped in 40 days



Sadhana Transformation

18 February 2024 - 29 March 2024

Get crystal clear in 2024 with a 7-week yogic program to awaken consciousness, and shapeshift your body, mind, and heart


Created and led by Suzanne Faith, PH.D

Commencing 18 February 2024 at 7:00 PM (CET)

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The root meaning of sadhana is ‘move directly toward the aim’.


Revolutionize - 40 Day Sadhana Transformation aims to make or break a habit and reshape your life through specific yogic practices and guidance.


Suzanne Faith has created and leads this astoundingly effective 7-week program that guides participants through intention setting (sankalpa), physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, contemplation, journaling practices and an (optional) juice cleanse.


With incredible results of transformation.

Cleanse and purify your body with a guided three day juice cleanse

This structured daily and weekly practice to heal the heart and strengthen the body and mind is a journey of transformation that:

  • Celebrates self-care of body and mind through purification techniques

  • Utilizes physical asana practices to create strength and mobility in the joints and calm the mind

  • Invites you to replace old patterns with new ones

  • Teaches you to effectively communicate with clarity and gentleness

  • Introduces an entirely new lens through which to view oneself, others, and the conditions around us

The 40-day Sadhana Transformation is a radical  shift of perspective for the upcoming year – a commitment to revolutionize your world, including your mind, your patterns, and your habits. Realize your potential and ability to make positive change!


What does the complete program consist of, and how long will I have access?


The program will be available to you to access for one year,
and consists of a progressive series of:

Pre recorded weekly content :

• Physical postures (asanas)
• Breathing techniques (pranayama)
• Meditation practices
• Contemplation exercises
• Journaling
• Yoga Mythology to approach elements in your life

Daily themes that guide reflection and foster growth
Downloadable contemplation exercises
Juice cleanse

Live opening  and closing ceremony with Suzanne Faith

Creating new habits, breaking old, and transforming our lives happens
through a commitment to our practices.

Replace an old habit with a new one through setting an intention for change,
called Sankalpa in Sanskrit.


You will love Revolutionize!
40 days of Sadhana leads to a Radical Transformation


YOU will create real change and growth in your life in 2024


Regardless of what transpires on the outside, inwardly we are constantly growing and evolving
– a process we shape and create with intention and action.


With your intention for transformation, this 40-day journey will help to:

• Build a stronger body
• Calm your mind
• Emotionally cleanse
• Purify your physical body and invite a greater vitality
• Develop an individualized sadhana program
• Realize a new, positive habit and introduce something you would like to experience more of in your life
• Be free of something negative that is holding you back or affecting those around you


Payment Plans

*Not Included VAT

Two Monthly Payments

€ 140* for Two Months


Pay In Full

€ 267* One Time Payment


You will love Revolutionize – 40 Sadhana Transformation because you will:

1    Get crystal clear on what needs to be increased or decreased in your life to find balance and realize your highest potential

2    Author and create real, positive change in your life kinesiology, therapeutics and principles-of-alignment  of the various forms and shapes.

3    Feel stronger, healthier, and empowered

4    Impact and influence those around you in positive ways and learn to embody the teachings

5    Learn how to step up and into your Higher Self and highest intentions

6    Learn how to organize and prioritize your day and week for higher learning and spiritual development

7    Receive encouragement, support, insight, and even life-long friendship with a community of like-minded people (sangha or kula) who hold the same intention for transformation on this journey


Why is an online sangha, or kula so important?

Our sangha or kula inspires us, keeps us motivated, shares in our accomplishments and supports us throughout our challenges and spiritual journey. Your community is made up of those also sharing in this transformation with you and is guided by Suzanne Faith each step of the way.  Through your online community Suzanne will share daily teachings and guidance. And you can choose to share your own experiences, offer support, raise questions, and mark your own accomplishments or struggles with others along the way.

How is this progressive program structured each week? 

• A 60 minutes live opening with Suzanne Faith

• Every week for 7 weeks :

  • One 60-minute recorded session  with a focus on mythology, philosophy, pranayama, meditation, mudra and mantra including a specific set of subtle body practices to focus on for the week.
  • One 30 to 45-minute asana (physical yoga postures) recorded video practice which includes postures and biomechanics to focus on for the week.
  • Handouts with contemplation and journaling exercises relating to the philosophy and mythology teachings.

• Daily teachings and engagement through our online platform

• A 60 minutes live closing ceremony with Suzanne Faith

Can you think of a habit that has been with you for a long time? Does it seem to hold a lot of power over you, and feel impossible to change?

Research shows that it takes 40 days to make or break a habit. Revolutionize – 40 Day Sadhana Transformation invites us to commit to a set of practices that will serve as NEW habits. And invites you to select a habit to break that does not serve you or those around you. This might be something quite practical you would like to be free of such as smoking, caffeine or alcohol, hurtful speech, thoughts, or behaviour. Or something you would like to invite more of in your life such as creativity, compassion, kindness, or generosity.

About Senior Faculty

Suzanne Faith, Ph.D.

Suzanne Faith guides students to dissolve barriers and move through intelligent practices to restore and evolve on all levels. Suzanne has spent over three decades deeply immersed in the teachings and methodologies of yoga, psychology, meditation, and spiritual contemplation. Suzanne has a doctoral degree in Counselling Psychology and a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and is a principled and long-standing meditation and hatha yoga teacher, mentor, and therapist. She has worked professionally and therapeutically as an educator in conventional medical systems, schools systems, integrative health clinics and privately in the areas of addiction and cancer, and with professional athletes and children.

“Suzanne is such a beautiful soul inside and out. She is inspiring, graceful, and incredibly wise and full of integrity in her teachings and in her life. She is such a beautiful example, and I am always inspired and feel much richer on every level during and after the teachings. I feel extremely grateful to have Suzanne as a teacher - she is such a blessing to my life.“

Georgina W.

We look forward to sharing this transformational journey with you in 2024 – a year of positive change and growth for us all!

In Joy & Commitment,
The Bindu Institute of Learning Team

Make, break, or reshape in 2024