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Ayurveda means ‘Science of Life’. It is ancient wisdom that addresses each and every aspect of modern human life. Ayurveda serves to restore the status of health and productive state of mind and emotions, maintains health and happiness, and increases longevity. As a comprehensive system of health and healing, Ayurveda is truly an art that is unique to the client, context, and current reality, as much as it is a science that is firmly rooted in principles that have remained unchanged for over 5000 years. 


The programs in this department explore fundamental elements of Ayurveda and offers an in-depth examination of the philosophy, science, and practice of Ayurvedic Medicine as an approach to health and well-being.

Students will investigate prakriti, vikriti, agni, health and sickness, diet and lifestyle, Ayurvedic cooking, diagnostics, preventative health, enhancing longevity, as well as treatment approaches, methodology and more.
The education process is grounded in understanding the core principles and developing the students' discerning intellect so that they can apply the wisdom and teachings to the unique and changing contexts of their clients, communities and locales.
Students will be empowered with authentic, comprehensive, and practical knowledge in Ayurveda that they may confidently step into the world community as a respected authority of this holistic, time-tested approach to health, wellness, and longevity. They will have the opportunity to receive internationally recognised certifications in Ayurveda. In addition, students will have the opportunity to receive Diplomas of Study from Bindu Yoga Institute.




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Kelsey Brusnyk

Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic health practitioner, student of Vedic astrology, and teacher of teachers

Sonja Semion

Sonja is a writer and a healer who regularly posts Ayurveda-inspired recipes and other musings on the bliss of befriending your body at


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